In order to attend this event, please read the following details carefully!

(Please read this entirely - don’t skim through it. Don’t worry, it’s short)

Hey! So this event’s all about helping you get virtual speaking engagements

At this event, you won’t just learn how to get…

You’re going to start the process at the training!

What does that mean exactly?

As a group, we’re going to do exercises to help you create your 30-min power talk - one step at a time.

Then we’ll take action as a group & begin reaching out to Event hosts to get speaking gigs.

I’ll oversee the entire process & give you feedback to make sure you’re doing it right.

By the end of the event, you’ll have your very own “30 minute power talk” that you can give at any event…

AND you’ll know to secure a speaking engagement with almost any host.

Does it cost anything to attend this event?

Nope - this training is completely free to attend!

Is there going to be a pitch?

Nope! There won’t be any “sales pitch” on this training.

This training is all about helping you out.

(And if by the end of the training, you want to learn more about our programs, we’ll have a place for you to go to)

So when is this event?

The event’s taking place on Monday, July 18th

It will be from 2pm - 5pm PST (or 5pm -8pm EST)

And it’ll be on Zoom! (not in-person)

So how do I attend?

To attend, you’ll first need to schedule a quick “pre-interview” with my community manager, Anthony.

It’s a quick 15-minute call (& sometimes it’s done in less than 5 minutes)

After the interview, you’ll get your link to join us on Zoom.

Why do I need to have this interview?

Since it’s an ‘implementation-based training’, we want everyone who attends to get results.

So we want to do this short call to get a “verbal commitment” from you that you’ll show up & do the work.

(And don’t worry - if something in training doesn’t feel right to you, you’re more-than-welcome to not participate or leave the training)

Is this ‘interview’ an attempt to sell me?

Nope, this interview is NOT a sales call.

Many people say that & still try to sell you (but we mean it.)

This call is just to make sure you’re willing to attend, show up with good energy & do the work.

Where do I go to schedule my interview?

Right here - pick a time that works for you below: